Promo Extended is a multifaceted promotional agency, specialized in guerilla marketing, sampling and hospitality. Due to our broad experience with diverse forms of offline marketing, Promo Extended can make the difference for you at a fair or event and distinguish you from others.

Whether you are looking for promotional staff generating more traffic to your stand on a fair, hosts, hostesses and catering staff who welcome and serve your guests during an event or a promo team that can fully realize brand awareness for your product, the sky is the limit! Promo Extended can make it happen!

By providing a new form of promotion, we differ from other promotion agencies. As a result, we can be the tool with which you can distinguish yourself from your competitors. With Promo Extended, you are assured of quality and optimal service of our staff to ensure a successful event. An experience on which your guests will look back with pleasure and about which they will talk for a long time after.

Extended Promo was founded in January 2010 and has grown into a fully-fledged promotion agency where professionalism and quality is paramount. Since its start, Promo Extended enjoys many returning customers, regularly making use of our services. A fact we are very proud of! Promo Extended values a good relationship to ensure optimal collaboration. Confidence and good communication is thus our top priority. Together with you, we decide the best offline marketing strategies for your company, product and/or service. Naturally, our employees can execute these actions and strategies but we also enjoy to brainstorm with you about the development of each concept. Due to this variation, we remain innovative and creative, and deliver result-oriented work – something we enjoy each time when such actions are completed successfully. Furthermore, to optimize our service, an evaluation about the action always takes plays afterwards.Are you curious about the possibilities and what we can do for you? We are pleased to visit you in order to brainstorm a bit more about how to make your event or fair a success. Fill out the contact form ad we will contact you as soon as possible. You can also contact us for a customized quotation.