Walking Billboards

Will you attend a fair or shopping mall? Or have you planned a promotional campaign outside?

Photo Marketing

Are you looking for a permanent reminder you can give your guests at a fair or event?


Promotional films are becoming increasingly important for a company, and more often a way to add value on your website to higher your position in Google ranking.

Guerrilla marketing

Do you want to generate a lot of attention for your product and/or service with limited resources?


Are you in need of a new face for your company, product and/or service, and if so, are you then searching for a suitable model? Or are you soon to organize an event for which you are in need of models.

Sales Support

A sales assistant is a mixture between an account manager and a promotional employee. He/she takes care of more traffic to (for example) your stand on a fair.


At a catering event you expect culinary delights, which is obviously something you want to display with your staff. Besides an optimal performance in their work, you might also expect your staff to work with an open and friendly attitude.


With your own promo team, you are assured to stand out. Your promo team will generate more traffic and brand awareness. In addition, the promo team will also be a reference point for all your (potential) customers. Compose your own promo team and enjoy the benefits!

Fair Promotion

Fair promotion is definitely a profession on its own. How do you make sure the right people come to pay a visit to your stand? How do you make sure that you, as a company, really stand out from the rest of the companies on the fair?


Will you be participating on an event or a fair in the near future? An enthusiastic and professional host or hostess of Promo Extended will ensure you to make a difference. Hosts and hostesses on an event of fair represent the face of your company.

Distributing Flyers and Sampling

Would you like to raise additional awareness and attention of your product and/or service in the eyes of your target groups?

Shopping Mall Promotion

In collaboration with FanWork Events, we are the ideal partners for promotional activities in shopping malls.